I'm A Secret Screamer

Hello... My name is Siobahn. I try my best to fit in with people, and my best friend's name is Harper. I am generally a nice person, so get to know me!

Majors are Important||Siobhan and OPEN

Siobhan entered Logos. She let out a sigh when she entered the shop happy to have come. She ordered her coffee then sat down at the nearest table pulling out a giant book and loads of papers that covered the table. She observed her work and began to write on her papers. Then, she opened the giant book and scanned sentences and words. She reached for another paper which happened to be sitting right next to her coffee. Unfortunately, she reached without looking, so she hit the coffee instead. “Shit!” she mumbled to herself as the coffee fell over and covered some of her papers. She moved some off of the table, but most of her work had already been soaked. She sighed and put her hands on her forehead. 

  • 7 March 2013
  • 21